Monday, June 3, 2013

Subliminal MP3s Review - Are They Legitimate?

Are Subliminal MP3s scam or are they for real? I first stumbled across this website while looking for ways to improve my focus. There were subliminal audios for boosting my focus and actually promising to teach me how to concentrate on whatever I am doing better.

1. How Has My Experience With Subliminal MP3s Been Like Thus Far?

I must admit that after the first few hours of listening to subliminal messaging audio, I was actually able to manage to focus for at least an hour more and take in whatever I was learning much more effectively when I would usually have gotten very distracted and lose focus on whatever I was doing very quickly. Today, I have realized that subliminal audio is a very natural of improving oneself very quickly and can work on any area of my life when used correctly.

2. How Can the Subliminal MP3s Audio Files Help You?

If you have never experienced subliminal audio before, you might find it strange and wondering whether a couple of MP3 files can actually be so powerful. In fact, these files are capable of helping a person getting rid of their self limiting beliefs that reside in the subconscious and cannot be removed unless you realize their presence and work to target them. It also works very naturally without the need to go into a trance like traditional methods such as hypnosis. Anyone can attain the patterns and beliefs shared by the most confident and wealthy people in the world and bring their realities to what they see as being ideal.

3. How is Using the Files from Subliminal MP3s Better Than Other Methods of Self Development?

The two main advantages that subliminal messaging is better than other forms of personal development method is that it takes up much less time and cost to use. Instead of spending hours reading a book with several hundreds of pages or using NLP, subliminal messaging only takes a couple of minutes to use every day and has proven to be more effective than these other methods in my experience.

Anyone can use them to speed up their self help and is a great tool for shaping life and mind into whatever you want them to be. Ultimately, whether or not you can truly improve yourself lies in your own readiness and decision to improve, and these audio files help you to bring you nearer and nearer to those ideals every day that you listen to them.

Sansa MP3 Review

The Good

Lots of size and color choices available; price is affordable; good number of features

The Bad

Battery life is poor, especially on The Clip; no LCD display on the Fuze; limited color choices for most sizes

The Bottom Line

Although the Sansa MP3 player line does include some good options, make sure to consider all of the players on the market before making your final choice. If you want an MP3 player for on the go, however, the Sansa MP3 player called The Clip is probably going to be your best choice.


Sandisk, known best for making memory cards for cameras and similar devices, also has a line of MP3 players known as the Sansa MP3 models. Currently, the Sansa line includes three options: the Clip, the Fuze, and the View. Let's look at all three of these models to see which might be the best choice for your music listening needs.

The Clip is probably the most unique of the Sansa MP3 players. It's very small and weighs less than ounce. As the name suggests, the player was designed to be worn so that you can more easily take it with you while exercising or being on-the-go.

While it doesn't support video viewing, the one inch screen is suitable for navigating through your music library. Besides being an MP3 player, this Sansa MP3 model comes with an FM tuner and a built-in microphone. The battery delivers an un-impressive 15 hours of playback on a full charge.

You can get The Clip in several sizes - 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB - and colors. However, only the 2GB models are available in black, pink, red, and blue. The 1 GB and 8 GB models are only available in black; the 4GB is available in silver. Prices range from $35 to $100 depending on size.

Another one of the Sansa MP3 players is the Fuze. This model more closely resembles the original Apple iPods, including having a wheel for navigation. You'll find some of the same features on the Fuze that were included on The Clip, such as an FM tuner and built-in microphone. Because the Fuze does support video viewing, it comes with a 1.9 inch screen with decent resolution.

Unfortunately, it's not an LCD display which provides the highest quality picture performance. It also comes with an expansion slot for adding more memory. The battery life is comparable to the iPod Nano's 24 hours for music listening but is not as good as the 32 hours for the Creative Mozaic.

This Sansa MP3 model is available in 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB models. The 2 GB is available in pink, blue, red, and black. The 2 GB is available only in black; the 8 GB is available only in silver. The price is between $70 and $100.

The View is the high-end model in the line-up. It comes with the same features as the Fuze but has a larger screen (2.4 inches) and better battery life (up to 35 hours). Sizes range from 8GB to 32 GB but all three models come only in black. The price for these Sansa MP3 models range from $150 to $250.

Subliminal MP3s Review

Over the years people have invested a lot of time and money to improve their lives. Many people struggle to develop new skills or retrain their brains. It can take a lot of time to make even a little progress. Giving up negative self talk, changing bad habits or learning new process can be very difficult and frustrating no matter how much a person wants to change. People unintentionally resist change, even as they are struggling to change. Patterns of thought and habits are hard to break.

1. Change Subliminally.

It is possible to use subliminal messages to unconsciously learn new skills and change a person's internal dialog. A subliminal message works with the mind to make desired changes. It uses a form of relaxation or hypnotism to let the message get through, allowing change to take place. This can often time reduce the time and effort needed to make desired changes. It is also an excellent way to unconsciously support and reinforce any conscious methods being used to learn new skills or make changes.

2. Any Goal Can Be Met.

Subliminal messages can be used for almost anything. They can help a person improve existing skills or develop new ones. Subliminal messages are also quite diverse in the areas of an individual's life they can affect. Subliminal MP3s can be used to improve relationships, self-esteem and social life. They can also be used to become more successful at work, change how an individual deals with money and even learn how to play poker and sports better. Subliminal MP3s are commonly used by people to improve their health. They are used to help lose weight, fight addictions, enjoy exercise and even pain relief.

3. How Easy Is It?

The process to make real changes using Subliminal MP3s is simple. First identify are area to change, improve or a skill to learn. Find the right Subliminal MP3s. Listen to it for 20 minutes a day. Observe changes in behavior or increased skills. Continue listening daily to the Subliminal MP3s until desired results are reached. It is a very relaxing but successful way to bring positive change and growth. If old patterns start to reemerge simple start listening to the Subliminal MP3s again.